Stone Angel

Images & Stories Created by Carol Sommers

One of my earliest childhood memories is of planting small pebbles in our family garden, tending and watering them carefully with high hopes that they would sprout and produce many more stones for me.

I have never gotten over my love of and fascination with stones. So, what better place for me to live than in northwest Brittany, a land of abundant and powerful stones.


Angels are another fascination that lingers from childhood - soft, loving, mysterious winged beings who hovered over and protected a small girl asleep in her bed throughout the night.

The combining of these two was quite accidental. While walking along a wild and stony beach I collected 8 stones and placed them on the terrace when I arrived home, not thinking much about what I was doing. A day or two later, from a second floor balcony I looked down upon my “stone angel”.


Another fascination in my life is birds. For several years I have been making bird drawings in a little journal. I cannot really draw and most of my work is like that of a 5 year old. I recently began making paintings from these drawings and a wondrous thing happened - the birds began to speak as they emerged on the canvas. I hope you like my birds and their lives and that they make you laugh... Carol Sommers

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